Bag Material

There are various kinds of handbag materials, including: leathers, canvas, denim, other fabrics and straw.

Leather has been used for thousands of years. It is a renewable resource as a byproduct of the production of beef. Leather is a natural material whose fiber have grown together rather than having been woven. Leather is made from python, alligator, ostrich, calfskin, puma, and pony, to name a few. Leather lasts for many, many years.

Patent leather has been given a high gloss finish. Modern patent leather usually has a plastic coating. Patent leather can be easily cleaned. With wear and tear, patent leather will eventually lose its glossy finish. The typical patent leather accessory is solid black. Patent leather is also virtually waterproof, while still retaining a flexible texture.

Suede is a kind of leather with a smooth, velvety, surface. Leather that has not been sanded or split in any way is known as full-grain leather. Full-grain leather is usually manufactured from the best hides. As a result, it is the most expensive as well as the most durable of leathers. When manufacturers seek to produce more material out of a single hide, the leather can be separated into two or more layers, or "splits." Generally, suede is created from splits. Because it comes from a thinner piece of hide, suede is less durable than full-grain leather. The texture of the material also makes it more susceptible to damage from water and stains. Suede that is manufactured from full-grain leather may be called nubuck. Full-grain suede is usually more durable, but also more expensive.

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